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Why Sex Therapy?

At Healing Moments Counseling in Seattle, we understand the unique challenges that individuals and couples face when it comes to sexual intimacy. Our experienced sex therapists provide confidential and personalized therapy services, tailored to meet the needs of Seattle residents seeking to enhance their sexual well-being and build fulfilling relationships. Healing Moments Counseling sex therapists are deeply familiar with the unique dynamics and diverse population of Seattle, offering culturally sensitive and LGBTQ+-affirming sex therapy services that provide a safe and supportive space to address concerns and improve sexual health and satisfaction.

Allowing yourself to fully see and be seen with total love and acceptance can be a vulnerable process due to past pain and shame. Embracing our sexuality in all of its beauty can be difficult, yet possible, through therapy.

When people can connect their bodies, minds and souls to another person or accept these aspects of themselves, genuine and meaningful intimacy can take place.

At Healing Moments Counseling, we are proud to be part of the vibrant Seattle community, supporting individuals and couples of all backgrounds in their journey towards healthier and more fulfilling sex lives.

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