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Welcome to the "Roadmap to Secure Love," your guide to cultivating secure, fulfilling relationships through understanding and applying the principles of attachment theory.

Hosted by Kim and Kyle, seasoned therapists passionate about helping individuals and couples navigate the journey toward secure love, this podcast offers deep insights, practical advice, and the latest findings in the field of relationship science.

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A little bit about Kim and Kyle

We are both relationship experts and Certified Sex Therapists.  We both come from an attachment lens in our therapy practice and see everything from attachment in our personal lives.  

We love to teach, to be transparent, and to help people build deeper connections.  That is why we created the Secure Love Podcast (and the Secure Attachment Path Course) to help people co-create deep, meaningful relationships.  

We would be honored if you would journey with us and learn what we have learned: that learning about your attachment style is the foundation for creating deeper, more meaningful relationships.

First Episode To Be Released Soon! 

The Roadmap to Secure Love is for informational purposes only and not intended to replace personal therapy.

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