Supervision with Kimberly Castelo

Hi, I'm Kim

My approach to supervision is collaborative.  I really enjoy working with supervisees on developing their personal goals around their work. 

  • I can provide supervision for LMFTA and LMHCA is the state of Washington.   
  • I can provide nationwide sex supervision and sex consultation. I also work with the Modern Sex Therapy Institute and give supervision to their students. 
  • I can provide Emotion Focused Therapy supervision nationwide to those wanting to learn more on how to work with couples from this approach and to those who want to become certified in EFT. 

I also offer consultations on how to:

  • Build your practice
  • Work with couples and individuals
  • Provide sex therapy
  • Practice therapeutic goal setting
  • Collaborate with others (therapists, doctors, etc.) in the field.

When working with me you will learn how to:

  • Understand your interventions clinically 
  • Conceptualize each of your cases 
  • Understand ethical concerns 
  • Be accountable to our power 
  • Manage notes, treatment and safety plans, etc. 
  • Explore the person of the therapist, how it might show up in your cases, and what to do about it 
  • Help individuals and couples get unstuck 
  • Deescalate couples 
  • Collaborate with medical professionals and provide wrap-around-care for each client 
  • Work therapeutically from a bio-psych-social-spiritual-sexual lens 
  • Explore personal strengths and growing edges as a therapist 
  • Use your chosen theory (theories) with each client thoughtfully and effectively 

Supervision with Nika Gannon

Hello, I’m Nika

I am an approved supervisor for Washington state under LICSW licensure. My approach to supervision is rooted in developmental and relational principles.

To me supervision is a mutual process, where power and responsibility are shared between the supervisor and supervisees. I strive to create a space where clinicians feel safe and supported to grow, where they feel held and seen in their humanity as well as their professionalism.

I was inspired to step into the role of providing supervision by amazing examples of mentorship on my own path. I can look back and attest with certainty to the empowering force of these relationships. So I wish to give back and share knowledge, expertise, humor and compassion with those called to be a healing presence in the lives of others.

  • I provide supervision to clinical interns at the Healing Moments Counseling
  • I provide supervision to associate level clinicians (SWs, MFTs, MHCs)
  • I provide consultation to fully licensed clinicians

I specialize in:

  • Individual and relationship therapy
  • Sex therapy
  • Out of control behavioral patterns, addictive behaviors
  • In my therapeutic clinical work, I utilize emotionally focused therapy (EFT, EFIT) and psychodynamic approach.

Along with this, I have extensive experience in emergency behavioral health, as an ER clinician, addressing suicidal and homicidal ideation, psychotic behaviors, and substance use issues in a crisis setting.

Based on this, I gladly offer support and expertise in:

  • Navigating crisis and assessing/managing risk
    ▫️ what level of intervention is appropriate for a client
    ▫️ what they can expect from their engagement with the
    higher levels of the behavioral health care system
  • Collaboration with other interdisciplinary professionals
  • Secondary and exposure trauma

Let's Talk About Supervision


Couples Therapy Supervision Book Recommendations

I can provide Emotion Focused Therapy supervision to those wanting to learn more on how to work with couples from this approach and those who want to become certified as an Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist

Couple, Marriage and Family Supervision

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The Practice of Emotion Focused Therapy

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Sex Therapy Supervision Book Recommendations

I can provide sex supervision and sex consulation.  I work woth Modern Sex Therapy Institute as well giving supervison to their students.

Sex Therapy with Marginalized Clients

Out of Control Sexual Behaviior

The Art of Sex Supervision