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Problematic Sexual Behavior

Are you having trouble managing your sexual behavior? 

Are you wondering if you are addicted to porn? 

Has your sexual behavior caused trouble for your relationships, or made you feel horrible about yourself? 

Does sex feel out of control?

My approach is to prioritize sexual health: to support men who wish to gain control over problematic sexual behaviors. I hold a respectful and positive view of sexuality. Your relationship to your sexuality doesn’t have to be a source of distress. In fact, there is a way to align your sexual expression with your values so you can feel good about the sex you are having – before, during and after.

Many of my clients seek help because they feel unable to resist or stop their sexual behavior despite wanting to, or due to the painful consequences their choices resulted in. They may struggle with their use of pornography, attending sex clubs, paying for sex, or stepping out of their relationship agreements as they follow their sexual urges. 

Some of the men I work with feel conflicted and ashamed of their sexual preferences. They may feel drawn to and distressed by the same desire. They may negatively label themselves or be labeled by others.

Whether feeling out of control or deeply conflicted, these clients find themselves distraught, helpless, overwhelmed, and most importantly isolated. 

You don’t have to be alone in this. Help is available. You are not the only one struggling in this way and there are effective strategies to address your sexual concerns and restore your sexual wellbeing.

Need Help Managing Sexual Behavior?

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