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Unlocking the Secrets of the Hold Me Tight® Retreat: A Gentle Journey to Deeper Connection

At first glance, the idea of embarking on a Hold Me Tight® Retreat may appear as a significant leap into the unknown, perhaps even a tad overwhelming. We understand that taking part in such an immersive experience can be a bit daunting, but let us put your mind at ease. This retreat is not about pushing you out of your comfort zone; it's about gently guiding you towards a deeper connection with your partner.

An Educational Journey

The foundation of the Hold Me Tight® Retreat is educational. It's all about expanding our understanding of what it means to be human and, more importantly, what it means to be in a loving, supportive relationship. The knowledge shared during this retreat is not a test or a challenge; it's a gift. It's an opportunity for personal and relational growth that can be both validating and empowering.

Experiential Learning without Pressure

The experiential aspect of the retreat comes from how the shared knowledge lands, how it resonates with you, and how it ignites insights and internal shifts. You won't be put on the spot or pressured to perform in any way. Instead, you'll be encouraged to explore and engage at your own pace, with the constant support of our experienced therapists.

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A Journey Shared with Your Partner

One of the most beautiful aspects of the Hold Me Tight® Retreat is that you're on this journey together with your partner. The experience will bring you closer, help you understand each other on a deeper level, and create a shared language of love and connection. It's an opportunity to strengthen your bond and align your perspectives.

You Will Be Held Well

We hope this insight into the gentle nature of the Hold Me Tight® Retreat has provided some clarity. This retreat is not about adding stress to your life; it's about offering tools for reducing stress and improving your relationship. It's a path to a more fulfilling, harmonious partnership.

So, if you're considering joining us, rest assured that you're in for an experience that prioritizes your comfort, growth, and connection. We would love to welcome you to this journey of self-discovery and love. We hope to see you there, ready to take the step toward a stronger, more loving relationship.

Need Help Building a Secure, Fulfilling, & Harmonious Partnership?

Meet Relational Experts:

Celeste McClannahan & Nika Gannon

Celeste Mcclannahan,  Female, She/Her, Attachment based Therapist in Seattle, Emotional Focused Therapist in Seattle

Celeste is an attachment-based therapist using the emotionally focused therapy modality. She feels that in order to heal, we must go more deeply into ourselves and build stronger attachments with those closest to us. Celeste aspires to provide a safe place for clients to be vulnerable and develop stronger attachment bonds while knowing that she will hold and make space during those brave and vulnerable moments. 

Nika Novak Gannon, Female, She/Her, Individual Therapist Seattle, Couples Therapist Seattle, Washington State Supervisor,  Sex Therapist in Seattle, Emotionally Focused Therapist in Seattle

Nika is an EFT/EFIT therapist who specializes in problematic sexual behavior. She holds her clients’ integrity and worth in the highest regard. She is committed to providing compassionate and judgment-free care to those seeking change. She recognizes the unique and challenging ways in which OCSBs impact partnership. She is prepared to address the partners’ individual perspectives and wellness needs, as well as assist in navigating toward the relationship agreement both partners consent to.

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