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Tailored Learning at the Hold Me Tight® Retreat: A Journey Designed for You

We understand that each of us is unique, and the way we learn varies from person to person. At the Hold Me Tight® Retreat, we've gone the extra mile to ensure that your learning experience is not just educational but also diversified to suit your individual style.

A Multisensory Approach - Accessibility and Inclusivity

When it comes to imparting knowledge, we believe in embracing a multisensory approach. That's why our verbal teaching is thoughtfully complemented by visually engaging presentations enriched with lots of video examples. 

We're committed to making sure that every participant can access the information seamlessly. That's why we provide closed captions during our presentations, ensuring that you can follow along effortlessly, regardless of your auditory preferences.

Honoring Need for  Movement and Activity

Sitting still for long periods can be a challenge for many of us. To address this, we've placed fidget spinners at your tables, encouraging subtle movements when needed. Moreover, our program is designed with plenty of breaks throughout, allowing you to stretch your legs and move around as you see fit. We understand that physical activity can be an integral part of your learning experience.

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For the Pen-and-Paper Learner

If you're someone who likes to jot down notes, we've got you covered. Our specially prepared workbooks are at your disposal. They not only serve as a canvas for your thoughts but also contain essential information that you can refer back to long after the program has concluded. 

A Weekend of Transformation

At the Hold Me Tight® Retreat, it's not just about learning; it's about evolving and growing together. Our commitment to accommodating diverse learning styles and preferences is a testament to our dedication to your personal growth and relationship enhancement.

So, whether you're a visual learner, a mover, a notetaker, or anyone in between, our retreat is designed to cater to your needs. We invite you to embrace this transformative journey and experience connection and  positive change. 

Need Help Building a Secure, Fulfilling, & Harmonious Partnership?

Meet Relational Experts:

Celeste McClannahan & Nika Gannon

Celeste Mcclannahan,  Female, She/Her, Attachment based Therapist in Seattle, Emotional Focused Therapist in Seattle

Celeste is an attachment-based therapist using the emotionally focused therapy modality. She feels that in order to heal, we must go more deeply into ourselves and build stronger attachments with those closest to us. Celeste aspires to provide a safe place for clients to be vulnerable and develop stronger attachment bonds while knowing that she will hold and make space during those brave and vulnerable moments. 

Nika Novak Gannon, Female, She/Her, Individual Therapist Seattle, Couples Therapist Seattle, Washington State Supervisor,  Sex Therapist in Seattle, Emotionally Focused Therapist in Seattle

Nika is an EFT/EFIT therapist who specializes in problematic sexual behavior. She holds her clients’ integrity and worth in the highest regard. She is committed to providing compassionate and judgment-free care to those seeking change. She recognizes the unique and challenging ways in which OCSBs impact partnership. She is prepared to address the partners’ individual perspectives and wellness needs, as well as assist in navigating toward the relationship agreement both partners consent to.

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