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Goals of the Hold Me Tight® Program: A Path to Love and Understanding

At the heart of the Hold Me Tight® program lies a purpose – to share the invaluable knowledge of adult attachment and its significance for loving relationships. When you have this knowledge, love not only feels profound but also truly makes sense.

Revealing the Framework of Connection

In the course of this program, you will see love as much more than just an emotion or a fleeting sensation. You will understand the framework on which secure and lasting relationships build. 

A Compass for Understanding

One of the most powerful gifts of the Hold Me Tight® program is helping you make a clear meaning of your own and your partner's emotional responses and needs.  These insights are the key for mutual compassion and empathy on which security of a relationship is based.

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Breaking the Patterns

It's no secret that every relationship, no matter how strong, encounters negative interactions and patterns. This program offers you a map for navigating these challenging moments. It brings you to a place where you can describe and then, most importantly, control these dynamics. When you understand something, you can change it.

The Path to a Secure Bond

The Hold Me Tight program equips you with the tools to intentionally shape positive moments in your relationship. You learn the art of reaching out and responding to each other with intention. As these experiences build, the disconnect diminishes, and a new positive pattern of relational resonance emerges. Your bond strengthens, your relationship grows.

The Hold Me Tight® program is more than just a course; it's a journey. It's a path that leads you to the heart of what makes us all human - our universal and shared need for connection. In this program love has a clear meaning, and it also becomes a profound, transformative force. So, consider embarking on this path by joining us. Your relationship deserves this.

Need Help Navigating Negative Cycles in Your Relationship?

Meet Relational Experts:

Celeste McClannahan & Nika Gannon

Celeste Mcclannahan,  Female, She/Her, Attachment based Therapist in Seattle, Emotional Focused Therapist in Seattle

Celeste is an attachment-based therapist using the emotionally focused therapy modality. She feels that in order to heal, we must go more deeply into ourselves and build stronger attachments with those closest to us. Celeste aspires to provide a safe place for clients to be vulnerable and develop stronger attachment bonds while knowing that she will hold and make space during those brave and vulnerable moments. 

Nika Novak Gannon, Female, She/Her, Individual Therapist Seattle, Couples Therapist Seattle, Washington State Supervisor,  Sex Therapist in Seattle, Emotionally Focused Therapist in Seattle

Nika is an EFT/EFIT therapist who specializes in problematic sexual behavior. She holds her clients’ integrity and worth in the highest regard. She is committed to providing compassionate and judgment-free care to those seeking change. She recognizes the unique and challenging ways in which OCSBs impact partnership. She is prepared to address the partners’ individual perspectives and wellness needs, as well as assist in navigating toward the relationship agreement both partners consent to.

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