Therapies I might use during our time together


This time with me is all about what you need in the moment to change your life and situation. Our time together will be collaborative, meaning you will be a major part of your healing process.


Emotionally Focused Therapy: Helps couples identify unhealthy patterns and teaches how to replace them with healthy, secure patterns


Gottman Method: An evidence - based approach which focuses on how to communicate effectively.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: A skill-set to help regulate emotions


Internal Family Systems Therapy: Believes a core self and its parts have the ability to heal themselves


Experiential Therapy: Pictures therapy as an event in which change can occur


Narrative Therapy: Fosters the ability to find hope and healing in the telling of your story


Bowen Therapy: Focuses on family dynamics and patterns through generations


Prepare/Enrich Assessment: Aids premarital and married couples to have a realistic undertstanding of their strengths and growing edges



    Kimberly Castelo, LMFT, CST, CIIP


    Katya Halligan, LMFTA


    Kyle Benson, Clinical Intern