Below are a list of articles to support you in creating secure romantic relationships that include deepening emotional connection, managing conflict in healthy ways, cultivating secure sex, and so much more. Click the sections below to get started.

Relationship Articles

Relationship Articles

Multiple Sclerosis: Helping Those That Help Us

Multiple sclerosis impacts both the disabled-bodied and able-bodies partners in a relationship. For partners who double as caretakers, it can be challenging to navigate this. In Kimberly Castelo's live webinar with the MSAA, she discusses how care partners can thrive in the relationship.


A Marriage That Lasts

Marriage doesn't automatically mean lasting love. People can stay married and not stay in love. It's important for partners to nurture love and connection so that their love lasts throughout their relationship. Here are some things to remember when thinking about cultivating your love to last.

Be Flirty

The average assumption is that flirting is used only when a relationship starts - used to show interest, to engage, to seduce, etc. However, flirting can be, and is, important throughout the duration of the relationship! Flirting creates continuous connection, arousal, and interest between partners. Ready to start flirting again?

7 Daily Rituals Intentional Couples Use to Cultivate Lasting Love

It's easy for partners to fall into a daily routine that doesn't allow space for connection and intimacy. Having daily opportunities to connect with your partner(s) is key to lasting love. In this article, 7 daily rituals are explained to nurture love, connection, and intimacy in your relationship(s).

Can We Overcome This Affair?

Affairs can be a leading cause of separation - with feelings of hurt, betrayal, confusion, anger, and a variety of others, it can feel increasingly difficult to reconnect and heal what's been broken. But it isn't impossible, and with relationship therapy, you can start moving forward. Here are some ways to begin.

Intimacy & Family Planning with MS

When living with Multiple Sclerosis, it can be difficult for people in relationships to prioritize intimacy & sex. Remember - having MS doesn't mean you no longer want/need intimacy and sex. In Kimberly Castelo's MSAA webinar, she discusses the different ways relationships can enjoy intimacy and sex in which one, or more, partners experiences MS.

Secure Sex Articles

Erectile Dysfunction and What To Do About It

When someone with a penis experiences erectile dysfunction, they can feel embarrassed and want to avoid sex. Although it's fairly common, it can be difficult to navigate. There is a way to healthily manage ED - learn more about it now.

Coping With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can impact people with ovaries in a variety of different ways - all of which can have a negative effect on mental health and relationship(s). Understanding your PCOS and how it influences your life is the first step in managing this for a happier and healthier you.

High Tone Pelvic Floor: A Podcast with Darshana

High Tone Pelvic Floor is experienced by many different people with vaginas, causing pain, discomfort, and frustration. In this Pelvic Gyan podcast, Darshana and Kimberly discuss the different ways of understanding this and what you can do to ease these symptoms.